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ANGELFLY (2018), by Nikki Ness

– The English edition of SOMMERENGEL

It is the last day of school before summer. Gabriella should have been excited about the holiday but thoughts and feelings are churning inside her. Dad is waiting at home, but he has disappeared into his head and is never really present. What will this summer be like – the first summer without Mum? A white butterfly lands on the windowsill. It waves at her with its little antennae. Does it want to tell her something?

Angelfly tells the story about Gabriella, who has lost her mother to cancer. The book is both sad and exciting, with a bit of magic, fantasy, and a lot of love and hope.

Suitable for children and young people in the age of 8-14 years.

Nikki Ness er pseudonym som Anniken Bjørnes bruker på det engelskspråklige markedet.


ISBN 9788269074932
Format: softcover
Antall sider: 128
Oversettelse: M. Amelia Eikli, Storywelling
Omslagsillustrasjon og coverdesign: Eidi Helen Stickler
Ombrekk: Lisette Skogan Askø
Produksjon: Create Space Distribusjon: Sentraldistribusjon